The Sexy Accident records “Lavender 3” at Westend!

Unknown-1Unknown-2UnknownThe Sexy Accident's fifth long-player, comprising twelve lush, reverberant love songs marinated in a sea of voices, strings, vintage keyboards, deep bass and obscure, alternate-tuned guitars.

Westend is the perfect place for a project like Lavender 3. We record as a whole band, so we work out the equipment - up to 14 channels at once! Most project studios can’t accommodate that kind of thing. We used pretty much every mic there (including some esoteric ones) and benefited from the proper isolation for drum sounds, guitar sounds, vocals, etc. Steve was able to do some neat things with mic placement to vary the drum sound from track to track, and it would’ve been impossible to do that if he couldn’t hear what he was doing as he did it! Plus, Westend’s tape machine makes guitars and cymbals sound fantastic. It’s almost hard to get an overly-harsh guitar sound with tape. You slam the hell out of it with treble and all you get is clarity, instead of digital nastiness. Everything just comes out musically. Then you’ve got Mike thoroughly on top of maintenance on everything, so it all just works. I mean, he built half this stuff! If something takes a dive, he’s got it on his bench and working again in minutes, or he just swaps in a spare and the tunes flow on.
 SHARP WEAPONS recording @ Westend Recording Studios - 08/25/2014



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