Westend Studio Rates and Policies

A summary of Westend Studio's rates and studio policies.

Come experience what it's like to work with professional engineers with years of experience. We offer the highest quality recording equipment, software and instruments. We also offer multi-tracking, mixing, and editing at affordable rates.

Westend puts quality before anything else. We know that every project is different, and will go to great lengths to ensure your vision is fully realized. Please contact us about your specific needs and budget. We'll work with you in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

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  • Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Corporate / Broadcast / Commercial VO
  • Post Production
  • Instruments & Equipment repair

Music Rates

  • $70 per hour (2 hour minimum)
  • $480 per 8 hour day
  • $600 10 hour pre paid package

Every project is unique. Please contact us about your needs and budget.

Mastering Rates

  • 1 song: $75.00
  • 2-4 songs: $65.00/song
  • 5 or more: $55.00/song

Any song exceeding 7 minutes will have an additional $10.00 charge.

$5.00 per any additional instrumental or alternative versions of an album track.   


Vinyl Premasters

Special preparations are needed for high resolution files that are delivery to the lacquer cutter or vinyl manufacturer.  One file for each side of the record.

  • 12": $50.00
  • 10": $30.00
  • 7": $15.00


  • $135 per hour


  • Free range of the studio and it's amenities
  • Engineer
  • All on-site studio equipment
  • House musical instruments and amplifiers
  • Sound Effects Library
  • 2 CD Dubs per Session


All music sessions require full payment in advance. Deposits are not refundable. All cancelations less than 48 hours in advance will result in loss of deposit. Credit will be issued for 12 months from the deposit date. Any credit remaining after 12 months will be forfeited. Block packages  require full payment in advance. Any additional time and materials must be paid  in full at the end of the session. Payment may be made by cash, personal or company check, money order,  Visa, or Mastercard. Sorry, NO AMEX.


Your account must be paid in full prior receiving your master. Masters are  generally provided on CD, DVD, or hard drive, but may also  be supplied on magnetic tape or  other format of your choosing.

Studio Time

When possible you may move in and start setting up prior  to your start time. If the studio is available  and the engineer is  not present, there will be no charge until the  engineer arrives. Please call the day before your session to determine if an early setup is possible. The clock begins when the engineer starts working with you setting up equipment, getting levels, debugging customer  equipment and instrument problems. If during long sessions you wish to take a meal break, you may do so off the clock. If you want to work through the meal break to listen to the session, do edits, overdubs, ect., the clock continues to run. The engineer may choose to eat and work at the same time. When you indicate you are finished and the equipment  is no longer in use the clock stops. (If a master is being burned, the clock continues to run until the master is finished.)

Starting Time

When you schedule time, it  is expected you will arrive on time and we adjust  our work schedule accordingly. It should be understood that we bill you from the beginning of your scheduled time regardless of what time you arrive. We have a 1 hour minimum and additional time is billed in 1/4 hour increments.

Ending Time

We do our best to be flexible. Often another session is scheduled immediately following yours and in most cases we allow at least 1/2 hr leeway between sessions. If you should require a little more time, we will try to continue and ask  the next scheduled appointment if they can wait. However,  if this is not acceptable to them, we ask that you be considerate and stop your project and schedule  another session. It is always a good idea to estimate the amount of time you will need and schedule accordingly.


According to Kansas City, city ordinance # 080073 Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed workplaces, therefore Westend Studios is a smoke-free environment and smoking is prohibited on the premises.

Thanks for reviewing the studio policy. If you have any questions, please contact us HERE.

Fine Print

The Client assumes all risks associated with storing, on or off the premises of Westend Recording Studios, Inc., as well as the use of any and all sound recordings or digital data in  any storage  format. Westend Recording Studios, Inc. shall be held harmless for any and all  damage  that might  occur to any stored medium  for any reason. In any event, Westend Recording Studios, Inc. liability shall  be limited to the replacement cost of an unrecorded tape of comparable value. Westend Recording Studios, Inc. liability to "downtime" of any and all studio  sessions as a result from equipment  malfunction  or  availability,  personnel, hired musicians, acts  of God, nature  or public utility outages, ect...