Joey Skidmore’s “Kiki meets the Vampires” Theme Mixed at Westend

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"Like the rest of my records, most of 'Joey Skidmore Now!' was recorded with the late, great Lou Whitney in Springfield, MO--my hometown; however, the basic tracks for the theme-song of 'Kiki Meets the Vampires' were recorded with Les Fossoyeurs (the Gravediggers) at Studio Marcadet in Paris, and mixed with Justin Mantooth at Westend Studios, K.C. KS.  Lou (Whitney) had actually worked with me at Westend in the early '90s, finishing up 'Joey Skidmore' for French blues label Dixie Frog Records, and Mike at Westend had been working with me transferring all my old masters into the digital domain for an upcoming anthology project.  Les Fossoyeurs were thrilled with Justin's mix of 'Kiki Meets the Vampires (Vampire Girls),' and the mastering job by John R. Rivers (the late Nikki Sudden's producer) in Leamington Spa, U.K., was equally good!  Although Les Fossoyeurs were unable to attend the Kansas City red-carpet premiere of 'Kiki Meets the Vampires,' it was still a huge success.  If it wasn't sold out, it was pretty damned close--people were lined-up down the block trying to get in!  The Paris premiere will be equally exciting!  Hats off to everybody involved in making the movie and the record!"
 Check out the movie trailer:
Listen to the "Kiki" theme:

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