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Kansas City band "Making Movies" was at Westend over the weekend tracking live takes and mixing 100% to analog tape! ( That means NO COMPUTERS kiddos! ) Taking  advantage of Westend's separate isolated rooms and classic analog environment. This way  they were capable of setting up live and getting takes with a natural vibe. The sessions were engineered by Paul Malinowski.      


A New Era Begins at Westend!

For 25 years, Westend has been a part of the Kansas City music community. Offering a truly professional environment for local musicians and musicians all over the country. We know that the engineers make the difference. And over the years Westend has been home to some of the best producer/engineers in the Midwest. A new era has began as we welcome our new head tracking/mixing engineer, Justin Mantooth, to the team! Justin has been producing, recording and mixing for over 10 years. He is relocating from Brooklyn, New York where he lived, worked and played in bands for the last 5 years. Originally a KC native, Justin has tremendous experience in many studios and a solid track record with all styles of music. We are excited that he will call Westend his new home!


Westend Recording Studios at 25

25 years ago this month, I leased a small space in a building at 45th and State Line Road, now the current location of Westend Recording Studios. Prior, Bart Biechele, JJ Johnson, and I had a studio at 47th and Holly called Holly Hill Recorders. I decided to break away and I asked Bart to join me...and Westend Version 2 was born. ( See History for more details) Here's the space before construction:          Looking south  View to the north       Control Room    Tracking Room I thank all the many friends and clients that supported Westend over these 25 years. A new era is about to begin! Stay tuned for details!