Got Old Analog Reels in the Closet?

Transfer those Analog Reels to Pro Tools or other digital media

SHARP WEAPONS recording @ Westend Recording Studios - 08/25/2014

1:2"  TapeTape 13reels_225

Got old projects on analog you'd love to transfer to digital or remix?

How about a project that feels sterile and you'd like to take off that digital edge? We can send those tracks to analog tape and add a little vibe. Or we can transfer your old analog reels to digital using high endconverters.

Westend Recording can transfer to digital files:
  • 2" 16 and 24 track with or without Dolby SR
  • 1/4" and 1/2" and Cassette Stereo Masters
  • DBX Type 1 or Dolby SR
  • 1/2" 8-track and 1" 16 track available by special request
  • Tape Baking Available 913-362-2066



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